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Our Office Staff

J. Ronald Kelly - Licensed Home Contractor (Owner)
Ron has been working in the building industry since he was 15 years old, and has a unique perspective on the building process. One of the things that he takes pride in is personalizing each and every project, no matter if it is big or small. He has a BS degree in building science and works to give clients the most "bang for their buck" with smart design plans and top-of-the-line craftsmanship. Big impact projects are no problem and come in on time with his help. Ron has over 35 years of experience tucked under his tool belt and has come across just about every problem or difficulty that could come up in a project. He makes himself available to his clients and helps them select the best products, materials, and solutions.
Barbara Kelly - Interior Designer
Barbara's calling has always been to design a room that is as pretty as it is practical. She is a mom of three and knows how important it is for your home design to fit with the function of your lifestyle and your family. She can help you with classic or original designs, sophisticated or fun, and guide you in making decisions that will help you to achieve your dream look.
Devin Kelly - Sales and Design
Devin works with clients in a one-on-one basis and uses a 3-D architectural CAD drawing program that helps to design your dream project. You'll be able to see your ideas almost come to life in the dimensional drawing and be able to visualize how your new home will look. Devin will help manage your project and assist you with any questions or update you on the progress.

Computer Design


Actual Kitchen Design

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